Goth Miss Piggy - Kermit the Frog Puppet - Halloween Parody Art - Illustration

🎨 Dive into the dark and delightful world of Miss Piggy like you've never seen her before! 🦇 In this wickedly whimsical illustration, our beloved diva of the Muppets takes a gothic twist for Halloween. She's all dressed up in leather, piercings, and even sports a "Moi" tattoo on her thigh. 🖤 Miss Piggy, styled as Lydia Deets from Beetlejuice, leans casually on a stool, holding a mischievously dishevelled Kermit the Frog puppet with pins poking out.

It's a playful, pop culture nod for those who appreciate a spooky sense of humor. 🐷🐸 No need to worry, though—there's no gore here, just a dash of unsettling charm. So if you're a fan of horror parodies and all things spooky, this one's for you! Get ready to laugh and shiver with our goth Miss Piggy this Halloween season. 🎃👻

© Donny Meloche.